Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fun Sprinkled with Sadness

We went on our first trip to Flaming Gorge 4th of July weekend. This trip was a little different for me than past trips. My dad and aunt have decided to sell our cabin. I am heartbroken about losing this place that has seemed so full of magic and wonder but at the same time I completely understand and support their decision. In between bouts of sadness we had a lot of fun and I took a lot of pictures of my favorite details of this old place. I won't bore you with those, but I will share a few favorites from the trip:

A family portrait in front of the cabin my grandpa built with the help of family and friends. My grandpa left this world in 2007 but going to the cabin has made me feel as if he is still here. I'm afraid that losing this place is going to feel like he is totally gone.

Now on to happier moments:

Aven was mostly interested in playing with rocks and sticks. I could tell she was hungry when she started trying to eat them.

Aven also enjoyed playing in the water at Mustang Ridge. Is was very cold, but she didn't seem to mind as long as she had a rock in her hand.

We went to a classic car show at Flaming Gorge Lodge. We enjoyed the cars, Aven had fun toddling through the field it was held on.

On Sunday it was 48 degrees and it rained and hailed like I don't think I've ever seen before. We tried to do a lot of indoor things like visiting the dam visitor center and Red Canyon visitor center. We walked along the edge of the cliffs at Red Canyon during a break in the rain.

And last but not least, here is Grace squeezing under the fence after pursing a chipmunk. Don't worry, she's far too slow to ever catch something. She's our big lumbering bunny.

In closing, I would like to thank my grandparents for a lifetime of fun and for the opportunity to have such a unique experience by providing this wonderful home in the mountains for all of us to enjoy. Not having a cabin won't keep me away from Flaming Gorge, but I will have to learn how to love camping. Here's to enjoying this place as much as possible while trying to sell it!
(L-R): My grandma (Carm), grandpa (Bob), and their friend Roma during one of the early years of cabin construction- they are standing on the very unfinished second floor.

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  1. Oh I'm so sorry! I always liked the idea that we had cabins next to each other, it made us a sort of vacation neighbors. It's hard to let go of a place that has held so many fun memories.
    Well, cabins just become complicated as more generations go by. My grandpa built our cabin in the 80's and passed on about 5 years ago. Now there is some bickering about paying costs among the aunts and uncles and who of the grandkids can use it when etc... As nice as it is to have one, Ben and I have decided that camping is the way to go. Way less stress, and more flexibility to try new places.
    Anyway, sorry about the novel here.