Friday, January 29, 2010

Visitor's from the far east.

My best friend Trevor and his new wife Dilyafruz (Dee) recently stopped by for a visit, which is kinda a big deal since they live in southern China. Trevor moved there a few years ago to teach English and met Dee, a native of Uzbekistan, while there. They got married just last summer on an island in the south China sea. This is the first time I have met Dee and it was great to finally meet her. She had some trouble getting a travel visa for the states; they thought she was going to try and stay in the country for some reason. They flew over for a month long visit although they only stayed with us in for a couple nights. They are off visiting Trevor's dad in Montana right now and we will see them again for a couple nights before they fly back to China. Last time Trevor was in the states for a visit I didn't take any photos, so I'm glad I remembered to pull out the camera this time.

Trevor and Dee in front of the Temple. Dee really wanted to see Temple square since it's famous and all. Although we did get accosted every time we lingered in one place for too long. I was also told that the end of the world is nigh and I better repent and get back into the church before it was too late, Cara was told she better join so she can save my soul or something like that.

Dee loved our little Aven.

Here's all of us on our front porch dead flowers and snow shovel included at no extra charge. :)
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