Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Our House Gets a Face Lift

After four years in our 1921 brick bungalow we decided that it was finally time for a new paint job. At some point in our home's history somebody did a really half asked job painting over lovely red brick, what a shame. Our only choices were to re-paint or to put on stucco or siding. The least expensive option was painting. This option also leaves the house with the most original feel, I think.

As you can see, the paint was peeling off everywhere. I've actually been embarrassed to have people come to my house because it looks so crappy on the outside.

To save money, Ian decided to do the soffit and fascia himself. He pressure washed and then painted with a fancy new paint sprayer he bought for the job. He worked non-stop for two weekends to get this part done.

After Ian finished the soffit and fascia, the professional painters pressure washed, sanded, and scraped the brick . . .

. . . for this lovely result.


  1. cara the house looks awesome!! it looks like a whole differnt house way to go!


  2. I love the color on the brick- most complimentary. New paint has a fantastic way of breathing life into a project...

  3. Wow, that really made a huge difference!