Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Getting Ready Enters a New Dimension

I have two choices every morning: 1. Get ready for the day while Aven takes her morning nap, which follows her morning feeding. 2. Make up the sleep I lost feeding her in the middle of the night while she takes her morning nap. I usually go with the sleep because when I don't I end up very cranky by the time Ian gets home from work. So, the above photo depicts part of my new getting-ready ritual. First, I try to get her occupied by her mobile in the crib while I hurry and wash my hair. After that I set my full length mirror, hairdryer, makeup, brushes etc. on the living room couch, usually while holding a fussy Aven. The last step is to get her comfortable and content on my lap on the boppy with a pacifier so I can dry my hair and put on my makeup. It takes a bit longer and is slightly more backache producing than the baby-free method, but the extra sleep is definitely worth it.

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  1. It's also so very fun trying to eat cereal in the morning while balancing a baby on your lap, preferably without spilling anything on the baby.